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Love of Old Motorcycles is giving the opportunity to a next generation rider to take part in the next Cross Country Chase presented by Motorcycle Cannonball. 

A minimum of 2 riders will be selected 1 Male and 1 Female to participate in the 2022 Cross Country Chase "Route 66" that takes place September 15th - 25th starting in Springfield, IL and ending in Santa Monica, CA.  The event is open to motorcycles between the ages of 1930 and 1960.


Program Specifics:

  • Award an Entry Spot in the 2022 Cross Country Chase to at least one female and one male under the age of 40.
  • Award would provide a donated motorcycle for the Young Rider(s) to participate in the 2022 Cross Country Chase.
  • The award would also fund the participant(s) registration fee.
  • Award participant(s) would be responsible for their hotel expenses (unless the donations would also cover these expenses).
  • Award winner(s) would be determined through a voting system after those wishing to be considered submit a bio and story on themselves expressing their desire and reasons to be considered. The people who have donated financial support would then vote on their selection(s) to be considered.
  • After all donors have voted a winner will be selected.
  • This program totally funded through donations.

To apply entrants will need to provide the following: (Link at Bottom of Page)

  • Online Application 
  • Biography 
  • Picture

Registration is now closed

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