This group was put together to get the next generation of motorcycle riders involved in Antique Motorcycling. The goal of the group is to put younger riders on donated Antique Motorcycles to participate in events such as Motorcycle Cannonball, The Cross Country Chase, Sons of Speed, The Race of the Gentleman, and Antique Motorcycle Club of America Road Run Events and Swap Meets.  

Not only is the program about putting new riders on old motorcycles, it also about putting motorcycles mentors together with people that are wanting to know more about certain makes and models of motorcycles, learn mechanics, and craftmanship of old motorcycles.  

If you are interested in becoming a motorcycle mentor or want to figure out a way you can be part of the program, go to the contact page and send us a message.


The program started off on a generous donation from Alex Trepanier of Burbank, CA (a younger rider himself), who graciously put an offer on a Facebook group stating that he had a 1941 Indian Chief that someone could use on the 2021 Cross Country Chase a 5-day Endurance Run deep in the heart of the Ozarks of Motorcycles between the age of 1930 and 1960, since he was unable to attend. Alex stated that he would like to see a younger rider take him up on his offer.  Within seconds of Alex's post, Chris Tribbey commented on the post that this was a great idea and said he would donate money towards that person's entry fees and trip expenses.  What happened next was something amazing, people from all over the world starting donating to the cause and within seconds the post had raised enough money to pay for one lucky person that would be given the chance to ride this 1941 Indian, receive paid entry fees, and travel expenses.  Business came forward and offered their services for parts and gear. 

Next was to figure out who was going to get this package?  Between Alex, Chris, and Jason Sims, the promoter of the Cross Country Chase, it was determined that potential participants would have to submit a written essay and why they should be chosen for this trip of a lifetime.  It was also determined that the judges would be all of the people who had given a monetary donation towards the program and that the winner would be announced on an Episode of the Cannonball Chronicles (a live streaming show that features antique motorcyclists).  


There were 23 people that submitted for this generous offer, and I can tell you that all were deserving.  The time had come to announce a winner and during the live broadcast of Cannonball Chronicles people and hopeful winners were on pins and needles in anticipation of who was going to get this trip of a lifetime to compete on the 2021 Cross Country Chase "Secrets of the Ozarks".  During the show Jason Sims the host interviewed both Alex Trepanier and Chris Tribbey on the inspiration that they had to put this together and spearhead the whole process.   Finally, the time had come to announce the winner, Jake Smallwood a 21-year-old motorcycle enthusiast from Illinois was chosen.  But what happened next was the true inspiration of why this group became to be.  The viewers of the show believed in what we were all doing and immediately started expressing interesting in supporting and within seconds we had raised enough money to award another young enthusiast a chance to also participate in the event, on the fly the group decided that second runner up Conner Levenson of San Diego, CA would also be afforded an all-expense paid trip, but the problem is we needed another bike!  Well, it didn't even take 6 seconds before Chris Tribbey selfishly offered up his 1947 Harley Davidson WL for the program. With all the excitement it was realized that we in fact had enough money and recourses donated that we could extend the offer to a 3rd young enthusiast, so we reached back into the submissions and pulled up the 3rd runner up Max Lynch of Illinois and offered him an invitation.  Family friend of Max, Fred Wacker also of Illinois was watching the live broadcast and offered Max the opportunity to take his 1953 Moto Guzzi Falcon on the endurance run.